We are a network of doctors that specialize in cosmetic & dermatological medicine

About Us

Fountain skin clinic was founded by a team of medical doctors based on the principle of maintaining youthful and exuberant skin through an advanced knowledge of modern medicine. Comprised of a network of doctors with specialised cosmetic training, Fountain Skin Clinic offers individualised treatments to achieve the pinnacle of non-surgical cosmetic enhancements. Fountain Skin Clinic offers a range of Anti-Wrinkle solutions and Dermal Fillers at an affordable price.

If you want to prevent wrinkle formation, reverse aging and rejuvenate your skin, Fountain Skin Clinic can help you look and feel your best.

Each treatment is individually tailored, with a free consultation to determine the most effective intervention to achieve long-lasting cosmetic well-being. Our focus is on the elegant art of meaningful and affordable skin care to provide a healthy radiance regardless of skin tone, colour or life stage.

Our Philosophy

At Fountain Skin Clinic we believe that each individual can optimise their inner and outer beauty with guidance from our experienced medical staff. Our aim is to work towards a heightened sense of well-being, greater self-esteem and a greater quality of life with the aid of our dermatology solutions or products. To us, that represents true beauty.

We believe that professional facial assessment coupled with subtle injecting techniques performed by experienced and professional Cosmetic Specialists is the key to maintaining a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. We are passionate about identifying the perfect treatment for each individual to eliminate and prevent wrinkles, smooth skin blemishes and rejuvenate age related facial changes.

We believe that subtlety is the key to enhanced beauty, with each treatment aimed at optimising individual facial traits to maximise appearance without obvious facial structure changes. We believe that the most successfull treatments are when people KNOW you look good, but not WHY you look so great.

Our dedicated staff rely on specialised assessments and experienced injecting techniques to get the best results. Anybody can inject Dermal Filler or Anti-Wrinkle products into the same place each time, but we believe the best beauty results come from accentuating natural facial structures, rejuvenating aging structures and developing strategies to replace underlying blemishes. Our specialist team excels in the theory of individualising treatment for the individual.

We believe that by looking great and maximising your positive self image, the life journey becomes much more enjoyable!

What We Offer

Fountain Skin Clinic offers a broad range of non-surgical techniques to rejuvenate skin, prevent age related changes and achieve maximum beauty results through enhancement of natural facial structures.

Our clinic offers:

– Specialist Cosmetic Physicians and Dermal Therapists

– Free consultation

– Anti-Wrinkle Injections/Muscle Relaxants

– Dermal Fillers

The Fountain Skin Clinic Difference

There are many many people injecting cosmetic products to chose from. Why should you choose Fountain Skin Clinic?

Our clinic was founded by medical experts specialising in cosmetic medicine. This strong medical background, with a focus on specialised cosmetic medicine, has given our team an innate understanding of fine facial anatomy, along with medical treatments and injecting techniques allowing us to deliver the best treatement every time, for every person.

Above all, our team has a vested interest in delivering the best treatments to achieve each individuals goals in looking great and feeling fantastic. We pride ourselves on forming a therapeutic relationship aimed at reaching the look that you want, every time, with our friendly staff creating a trusting and honest environment. We care about your aims, goals, concerns and needs, and are dedicated to providing top quality service and excellent results for every consultation and treatment.

We provide honest and frank assessments, and consider your understanding of each treatment and treatment goal to be of optimal importance to successful therapy.

Our History

Fountain Skin Clinic Doctors maintain up-to-date medical experience by practicing regularly in both the hospital and community environment. With excellent people skills and an ability to form strong therapeutic relationships, our Doctors pride themselves on interacting with honest and open lines of communication.

They identify strongly with ‘looking good, feeling good’ and have dedicated themselves to helping each individual achieve the look they desire through specialised individual, non-surgical cosmetic treatments.

Fountain Skin Clinic was founded to providing the best Cosmetic Medicine products and treatments available, with a happy, healthy and friendly attitude.

Meet the Staff

To find our more about individual staff please read Below.

Dr Kyle Wilcox

Dr Kyle Wilcox

“I love making people feel good about themselves”

Dr Kyle initially trained in Medicine at Melbourne University, becoming dedicated to progressing communication between health providers and patients while working at numerous hospitals around Australia. He is dedicated to what he calls the ‘Therapeutic Relationship’ that exists between health providers and clients, and thinks all medical professionals should be trained in people skills to provide an optimal service. He believes that great communication skills are incredibly important when working within the medical system, and translates his people skills to the cosmetic industry to make sure that people get what they want and look and feel the best that they can.

Dr Kyle firmly believes that looking good makes you feel good, and sees each treatment as an individual enhancement of natural beauty. He is well known for his deft hand at subtly enhancing natural facial features to create the look desired by each person, with his specialised techniques revolving around experienced assessments and placement of injectibles at anatomical sites to provide accentuated rejuvenation and optimal cosmetic outcomes. His people skills allow easy discussion regarding options available to achieve a desired look, with outcomes tailored to each individuals requirements.

Optimising skills and injection technique are very important to Dr Kyle, who actively participates in education and training of junior staff wishing to enter the cosmetic medical industry.

Although time poor, Dr Kyle enjoyes staying fit through cycling, swimming and gym training, and has been working on his squash skills by beating everybody he knows.