Lips are one of the most important facial structures in regards to maintaining a youth and beauty. They are used all day, every day, by every person in the world. Neurological anatomy shows us that each person has a brain center aimed at focussing on the lips of people we see and interact with, with luscious, well formed lips adding youthful attractiveness to every interaction.

Lip rejuventaion treatments are aimed at optimizing lip form, structure and body to rejuvenate and hydrate to create attractive, luscious lip definition. As everyone has unique lip structure, anatomy and age related changes, each Lip Rejuvenation treatment is tailored to the individual, leaving you with natural looking, hydrated lips that look younger and rejuvenated.

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Who is suitable to have this treatment?

People have lip refresher treatments for many different reasons. During the aging process, underlying structures that hold lip structure shrink, causing a decrease in firmness and less body. The top lip becomes thinner and the bottom lip becomes less plush. Angular wrinkles develop around the lips due to decrease in natural collagen, causing a slight pursing. The corners of the lips turn down and the lip border becomes less defined.

Lip refresher treatments aim to replace lost structure and create a youthful appearance, while also redefining borders and recreating volume. This in turn acts to smooth out wrinkles around lip borders and leads to longer lasting rejuvenating facial appearance.

Although many people undergo this treatment for many different reasons, lip refresher treatments are generally geared towards people who value youthful and hydrated lip appearance as a normal character of their beauty routine. People who benefit the most are those with thin lip borders, those who aim to have a hydrated lip appearance and those who have noticed age related changes and wrinkles to their lip structure.

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What to expect?

Whether you are having treatment for the first time or the hundredth time, the Fountain Skin Clinic team of dedicated and experienced Cosmetic Specialists aim to make your treatment quick, easy and effective, while tailoring each regime to your specific needs.

Injection technique is an important part of Dermal Filler administration, with Lip Refresher treatments requiring sculpting of lip structures to optimally enhance your natural beauty requirements.

Lip Refresher treatment initially involves a 15-30 minute consultation to ascertain your specific needs and requirements. Following this, treatment takes on average 30 minutes and can be done with or without local anaesthetic. Dermal Filler product comes coupled with a local anaesthic that numbs the lips during the procedure. Modern injection techniques recommend against additional local anaesthetic administration to preserve fine lip structure during the procedure, as fine anatomical changes can modify the final outcome.

As Lip Refresher treatments replace lost structure and definition, results are generally noticable immediately. Over the two weeks following treatment, the body modifies and hydrates the product, encorporating it into normal structure. This results in final results and maximum hydration and rejuvenation occuring at approximately the 10 day mark. Lip Refresher treatments last approximately 8-10 months, but can last less with strenuous exercise. Evidence has shown that a booster half way through this period means that treatment lasts much longer, with only half as much product, meaning that most people opt for a booster treatment at approximately the 4 month mark.

When administered by one of our professional Cosmetic Medicine practitioners, Lip Refresher treatments are subtle, aimed at enhancing and rejuvenating natural structures. People will know you look good, without knowing WHY you look so great.

What will it cost?

Lip Rejuvenation treatment utilises either 0.5mL – 1mL of Dermal Filler. We recommend small molecule filler, which hydrates and adds structure with a smooth, subtle finish. We generally recommend 1mL of filler per treatment, leaving enough room to complete each treatment with ease. 0.5mL of filler costs $450, with 1mL vials costing $600. Book a consultation or treatment to discuss treatment options, products and outlay with our specialised team of Cosmetic Doctors.

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