Lip Enhancement techniques are an essential component of maintaining a youthful and exuberant aesthetic. Lip filler treatments are one of the most popular treatments, with astonishing results. If you have always dreamed of soft and  luscious lips, Lip Enhancement treatments open the door to a whole new look.

During treatment, soft tissue filler is injected into the underlying structure of the lips, adding volume and definition to create a luscious and accentuated natural full lipped look. Lip Enhancement techniques can be utilised by themselves for subtle but unforgettable voluminous lips, or used to build on an important feature of a fantastic aesthetic with Lip Refresher treatments.


Who is suitable to have this treatment?

Lip Enhancement treatments are utilised by many people who wish to rejuvenate and create a voluminous lip aesthetic. Full and supple lips as a sexy and youthful feature has become a common trend, with Lip Enhancer Dermal Filler techniques aimed at optimise such an important facial feature. Lip Enhancer techniques are suitable for any healthy adult who has an active approach to maintaining soft and youthful, stand out lips.

Lip Enhancer techniques are often utilised in conjunction with Lip Rejuvenation techniques to create a balanced look centered around soft and voluminous lips. Lip Rejuvenation techniques are generally aimed at creating good definition through either replacement of skin structures that have decreased with age, or through creating underlying dermal structures to hold a subtle and defined lip shape. Volume filler, with Lip Enhancement, builds on a well defined lip structure to increase volume and create a full, hydrated and rejuvenated youthful appearance.

What to expect?

Lip Enhancement volume treatments involve replacement of a naturally occurring skin compound called ‘Hyaluronic Acid’, commonly referred to as HLA. HLA is a major structural and hydrating component of your skin, lying just beneath the dermal skin layer.

With age, the total amount of HLA decreases, and along with other structural skin changes, subtly changes appearance. Lip Enhancement techniques involve re-introducing HLA beneath the Lip dermis, enhancing normal and natural Lip structures and creating a youthful and voluptuous aesthetic.Injection techniques steer away from creating false and ‘plastic’ looking lips, with our clinicians providing expert injecting for full, voluminous and youthfully defined lip structures.

Lip Enhancement volumization is done through several specialised techniques by our expert cosmetic physicians. Each treatment is carefully considered in conjunction with each client, to create the specific look you want. This involves an initial 15-20 minute consultation with our cosmetic experts to determine each individuals specific requirements.