Jaw slimming and tooth grinding are common treatments for those with overactive temporomandibular joint (TMJ) muscles. These muscles at the side of the jaw can exert excessive force while awake or asleep and result in a wide set jaw and excessive tooth grinding. Muscle relaxant treatment can successfully provide an improved silhouette by slimming the jaw line, and prevent tooth damage through excessive subconscious grinding.


Treating the jaw

Over developed jaw muscles (Masseter) can give the appearance of a large, full or square jaw by adding bulk to the lower face. Muscle relaxant treatments soften the bulky appearance of this muscle, resulting in a slimmer lower face, giving a softer more feminine appearance. These treatments subtly relax the bulky muscle of the lower face, creating a more slender appearance of the jaw and giving a less aggressive, less masculine look is achieved. Tooth grinding is treated through subtle relaxation of the masseter muscles, preventing bulky muscle development by reducing muscle use.

Who is suitable for this treatment?

Jaw slimming treatments are suitable for people who feel they would benefit from slimming a bulky or square jaw. This treatment is also used for those who are concerned about tooth damage from excessive grinding. Adults with overdeveloped jaw muscles from repetitive grinding or chewing can benefit from a consultation regarding jaw slimming treatments.

Before & After


What to expect?

Whether having treatment for the first time or the hundredth time, Fountain Skin Clinic aims to make the experience easy, simple and pain free. Our dedicated team of doctors specialise in injection techniques to minimise discomfort and create a positive experience for you to look your best.

This treatment involves a small injection at the lower jaw line to soften the masseter muscle controlling jaw movement and excessive tooth grinding. There is no downtime and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately after treatment.

Jaw Slimming treatments take approximately 30 minutes, however discussion and consultation can take longer depending on each customers individualised requirements. We aim to deliver a uniquely individualised treatment and often specialised consultation is an important aspect of this.

Jaw slimming and decreased tooth grinding effects can be noticed within 3-5 days following treatment, with maximum effects occurring at day 10 on average. The jaw line becomes softer and slimmer, with the effects lasting approximately 3-6 months although this time frame may be slightly different for each individual. Most people schedule regular treatments to prevent re-occurrence of heavy jaw and excessive tooth grinding.

What will it cost?

The cost of jaw slimming treatment is typically $440 as a stand alone price, and is often administered with other muscles relaxant and dermal filler treatments. Book a consultation or treatment to discuss treatment options, products and outlay with our specialised team of Cosmetic Doctors.

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