Excessive Sweating

Excessive sweating is a common condition that can be physically uncomfortable and occasionally embarrassing. A large population suffer through this condition on a daily basis as they do not realise this can quickly and easily be treated. In the past, the only option was surgical treatment by decreasing the amount of nerve stimulation to sweat glands. Modern medical science, however, has proved that excessive sweating can be treated easily through small localised application of muscle relaxants.


Treating ‘Excessive Sweating’

Muscle relaxant treatments have rapidly overtaken other methods of reducing sweat formation in the larger population. These treatments are easy and quick with minimal discomfort. Through administration of localised muscle relaxants, sweat formation is reduced throughout the day. Under arms are the most frequently targeted regions, with excellent results being well established.

Muscle relaxants decrease nerve impulses that cause sweat gland production and secretion. Through reversible inhibition of these pathways, sweat production is decreased, resulting in smooth and sweat free areas. This treatment offers long term solutions to those effected, with increased professional and personal attitudes, along with greater self confidence at home and in the work place. Muscle relaxants are administered by our specialist cosmetic doctors in areas that do not effect specific appearance of the areas, but act to only decrease production and secretion of specific sweat glands.

Who is Suitable to have this treatment?

A large proportion of the general population is effected by excessive sweating. This can cause issues with confidence at work and at home. Those concerned with sweat appearance or have poor results with antiperspirants should organise a consultation to discuss treatment options. Most people have already tried strong antiperspirants with poor results. The most commonly treated people are those adult men and women with ongoing concerns about their poorly controlled sweating.


What to Expect?

Whether having treatment for the first time or the hundredth time, Fountain Skin Clinic aims to make the experience easy, simple and pain free. Our dedicated team of doctors specialise in injection techniques to minimise discomfort and create a positive experience for you to look your best.

Excessive sweating treatment causes no specific changes to appearance, instead acts to decrease sweat production of sweat glands. Treatment involves several injections at each site to localise and prevent areas of sweating. The treatment takes approximately 25 minutes to deliver, however discussion and consultation can take longer depending on each customers individualised requirements. We aim to deliver a uniquely individualised treatment and often specialised consultation is an important aspect of this. There is no recovery time required, and normal daily activities can be resumed immediately following treatment.

Muscle relaxants act to decrease sweat gland nerve stimulation, with noticeable effect over 3-5 days following treatment. A substantial reduction in sweating occurs at the 10 day mark, however people should be aware that sweating will not completely stop altogether. This allows adequate body cooling and thermoregulation to continue. The results last from 6-8 months following treatment, with regular top ups required for continuation of successful treatment.

What will it cost?

Each person has individual requirements for successful treatment of excessive sweating due to specific anatomical needs. A free consultation is the best way to determine what treatment is the best for you, and what will have the best outcomes. Areas of sweat reduction, specifically the arm pits, are relatively large areas, and therefore require a specialist consultation and an expert treatment technique to optimise the results. Basic price structures start from $660, however actual cost may be slightly more or slightly less depending on individual requirements and amount of muscle relaxants needed for an individual result.

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