‘Horizontal Lines’ are formed when the muscles that raise the eyebrows contract. These forehead lines are often the first wrinkles to appear throughout life, due to frequent use of this specific muscle group. Horizontal lines often make people feel older than they are, and impart a subtle worried or concerned look. These lines begin as ‘static lines’, forming only when the eyebrows are raised, however are ingrained with time to become constant wrinkles on the forehead.

Muscles relaxants prevent repetitive contraction of forehead muscles, resulting in smooth, younger and fresher looking skin. Anti-Wrinkle Injections also act to prevent formation of deeply ingrained lines. Prevention is the best treatment!!

Horizontal Lines can be treated as a stand alone treatment, however are often grouped with others, such as Crows Feet and Frown Line therapy.




Before & After


Treating Horizontal Lines

Horizontal Line management has two components, Treatment and Prevention. Anti-Wrinkle Injection treatment acts to decrease the repetitive muscle contraction that leads to wrinkles as the eye brows move upwards. This results in less skin wrinkling and the softening of pre-formed ingrained lines. Treatment is most noticeable with no caking of applied make up and a smoother brow. Prevention is the name of the game however, with Anti-Wrinkle Injections shown to reduce wrinkle formation by stopping the repetitive contraction of skin that leads to ingrained lines. Horizontal Lines can be both treated, with softer lines and smoother skin, and prevented, with Anti-Wrinkle Injections shown to decrease long term wrinkle formation.

Who Is Suitable to Have This Treatment?

As Anti-Wrinkle treatments both prevent and treat active horizontal lines, people generally choose this option for both a smooth brow look and to prevent the formation of wrinkles during ageing. Therefore, treatment is usually chosen by those aged 25 and above. Early treatment means less chance of wrinkles forming as you get older, while treatment at any age softens lines and makes the brow appear both rejuvenated, smoother and fresher. This treatment is quick, easy and pain free when applied by our professional cosmetic doctors.


What to expect?

Whether having treatment for the first time or the hundredth time, Fountain Skin Clinic aims to make the experience easy, simple and pain free. Our dedicated team of doctors specialise in injection techniques to minimise discomfort and create a positive experience for you to look your best.

Treatment for Horizontal Lines involves several small injections placed across the forehead in specific locations to maximise effect and minimise discomfort. Application by our specialised medical team means that the location of injection sites act locally to relax the forehead muscle, called Frontalis, and prevent skin wrinkling. Using anatomical landmarks to guide treatment, our cosmetic doctors target only specific areas to have perfect outcomes everytime.

This treatment takes approximately 15 minutes, however discussion and consultation can take longer depending on specific individual requirements. We aim to deliver a uniquely individualised treatment and often specialised consultation is an important aspect of this.

This treatment works by preventing contraction and relaxing muscles in a localised area, therefore preventing repetitive skin folding in a temporary manner. This in turn prevents wrinkle formation, and relaxes skin to soften already existing wrinkles. Anti-Wrinkle Injections begin to work approximately 3 days after treatment, with maximum effect at day 7-10. This treatment lasts on average 3 months, but can be slightly different for everybody. Most people undergo regular treatments to maintain their rejuvenated appearance and prevent progression of Horizontal Lines as the skin ages.

What will it cost?

The cost of treatment is dependant on individual requirements, with standard treatment costing $350. Cost is approximately $5-$7 per unit. Book a consultation or treatment to discuss treatment options, products and outlay with our specialised team of Cosmetic Doctors.

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