‘Frown Lines’ are wrinkles forming at the ‘Glabella’ area of skin, located between your eyes and your nose. Frown Lines, also referred to as ‘Elevens’, occur due to skin wrinkling when contracting muscles surrounding the eye brows and bridge of the nose. Contraction of these fine skeletal muscles cause the eyebrows to be draw inwards and down, resulting in formation of frown lines. These particular muscles are contracted thousands of times per day, often without people realising it, resulting in Frown Line formation.

These lines can contribute to an unhappy look, with angry and less approachable undertones. Anti-Wrinkle Injections work to soften frown lines, and prevent the repetitive muscle contraction that causes these ingrained lines from forming.

Frown Line treatment can be grouped with other Anti-Wrinkle Injection and Dermal Filler treatments, such as Crows Feet and Horizontal Lines.







Treating Frown Lines

Anti-Wrinkle Injections act as both preventative therapy and active treatment for Frown Lines, preventing formation and softening already existing lines. By decreasing muscle tone at the area of skin wrinkling around the eyes, Muscle Relaxants prevent the repetitive folding of skin, therefore decreasing the formation of wrinkles and lines. Most people have some degree of resting tone which causes slight, persistent frowning. Persistent resting tone, along with subconscious frowning, can lead to frown wrinkles becoming engrained in the Glabella Area due to long term, repetitive skin folding. Through the softening of existing muscle tone, Anti-Wrinkle Injections act to make already ingrained Frown Lines less visible. This treatment smooths skin between the eye-brows and nose, stops skin scrunching and frown formation, and prevents the ‘Angry Look’ associated with both short and long term frowning.

Who is suitable to have this treatment?

Frown Line treatment through Anti-Wrinkle Injection administration decreases resting tone of muscles associated with frowning in a reversible fashion, and prevents formation of the frown in general. This causes less noticeable frown lines in people of all ages, and prevents formation of ingrained frown wrinkles with age. Typically, people greater than 25 years old opt to treat their frown lines for both preventative measures, as well as softening existing lines and stopping the ‘Angry Look’ during frowning. Anti-Wrinkle Injections are safe and pain free when administered by one of our professional Cosmetic Physicians.



Before & After



What to expect?

Fountain Skin Clinic aims to make every treatment as pain free and enjoyable as possible, with an active approach to involving you with achieving your optimal look and result.

Our dedicated team of doctors specialise in injection techniques to minimise discomfort and create a positive experience for you to look your best. Frown Line treatment with Anti-Wrinkle Injections treatment involves several injections along the brown line, with product delivered via specially designed syringes through small skin pricks

The treatment takes approximately 15 minutes to deliver, however discussion and consultation can take longer depending on each customers individualised requirements. We aim to deliver a uniquely individualised treatment and often specialised consultation is an important aspect of this.

This treatment works by preventing contraction and relaxing muscles in a localised area, therefore preventing repetitive skin folding in a temporary manner. This in turn prevents wrinkle formation, and relaxes skin to soften already existing wrinkles. Anti-Wrinkle Injections begin to work approximately 3 days after treatment, with maximum effect at day 7-10. This treatment lasts on average 3 months, but can be slightly different for everybody. Most people undergo regular treatments to maintain their rejuvenated appearance and prevent progression of Crows Feet as the skin ages.

What will it cost?

The cost of treatment is dependant on individual requirements, with standard treatment usually costing $350 as a stand alone price, however can be cheaper per unit if grouped with other areas and products. Cost is approximately $5-$7 per unit. Book a consultation or treatment to discuss treatment options, products and outlay with our specialised team of Cosmetic Doctors.

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